Optimization of business processes

Typical errors optimize processes

In softened forms similar to the anecdote situations often occur in the activity of the top management and lead to solutions of the type “Urgent to write the instructions for cleaning!”. This instruction is an example of the optimization performed regularly in the business process, but, alas, not the best example. It can be called optimizing based on intuition.

With the intuitive optimization activities in General and business processes in particular, there tends to be four types of errors:

concentration on irrelevant, but psychologically relevant details;
the use of intuition instead of technology (often simply due to lack of understanding);
the use of technology optimization of the processes and not on purpose;
the personal involvement of top managers in the immediate work;
One of the most common mistakes

One of the most common mistakes is a care, in minor and irrelevant to the performance of the company in detail. In practice, this means solving problems weakly and very indirectly affect the outcome of processes, but playing the role of “the last drop”. For example, when after the next failure of delivery time, the head of the shipping Department is justified by the fact that everything is done on Request, and the Director begins to improve the form “Request for shipping”. The real reason for the failure of life lies not in the Application form, and in the process, and can be a completely different process, for example, in the purchase or sale, and the optimization should begin with the analysis of the processes.