it consulting

This activity is aimed at supporting a variety of business processes using information technology. IT consulting is consultations that are provided by specialists of a company that specializes in IT consulting, software development and computer equipment. IT consulting is focused on providing support for a variety of business processes using information technology. IT Idol consultants will help you to evaluate the efficiency of using information technologies and get recommendations for its improvement in your company.

IT consulting addresses the following tasks:
evaluation efficiency of computer equipment maintenance;
Increasing the productivity of business processes;
searching for ways to minimaze costs of updating information technology;
looking for ways to introduce level systems and help with selection of an optimal;
Increasing transparency and manageability of all processes by creating an effective IT infrastructure;
checking state of enterprise communications and developing proposals to improve their effectiveness;
determining if IT security level is enough and calculating costs of improving it in case if it is insufficient;
checking of running software, provision of data on modernization possibilities;
determining possibility for software licensing;
measuring efficiency of IT staff working in a customer’s company.