it Outstaffing

Useing of external staff is not a new phenomenon for modern Russia.

Outstaffing become more and more popular and is known as a set of measures to optimize labor costs. The term itself shows that such measures are aimed at attracting the personnel of other companies and enterprises. There is no legal interaction between the contracting company and the directly recruited staff.

A contract determines a list of jobs that outsourced employees must done. Any company, working in the field of outstaffing, provides relevant personnel for certain work. The contract prescribes the scope of tasks and the time for their implementation. Thus, the staff is listed formally in the staff of their own company, but, at the same time, works temporarily for another. 

IT Idol company provides a wide range of services for various IT professionals:
IT administrators;
1C programmers;
business analysts;
other ;

and takes care of all the personnel. The indisputable advantages of attracting IT Idol employees include:

optimization of the personnel department;
sharing responsibility;
reduction of costs for wages;
creation of conditions for flexible personnel management.

IT Outstaffing is a means to optimize performance of any enterprise or organization which allows to reduce costs without losing the quality of IT service.

Benefits of IT outstaffing

It does not always make sense to expand staff with new employees. This is associated with the problem of finding specialists of a certain qualification and entails the necessity of spending a considerable amount of time even when working with recruiting agencies. In addition, when there is a necessity for temporary work, there is no need to think about expanding permanent staff. The only right solution is outstaffing – involving employees of another company.

By doing so, you are guaranteed to receive necessary skills and minimize the time spent searching for it. The company-customer will not need to take care of the personnel involved, because this will be handled by an outstaffer company. After the temporary work is finished, the attracted personnel leaves a company-customer, and it can work in the usual rhythm, without changing anything in the internal organization. Not all companies in Russia are familiar with the benefits of IT outstaffing, but those companies that are accustomed to keeping up with the times and using all of the advanced innovations in their work already use all the advantages of this method of attracting the necessary personnel.