it audit

IT-audit is an opportunity to get an objective assessment of the IT management system.

Order an audit of the IT system if you plan to improve the quality of the IT services provided. The IT audit service can be implemented in several scenarios:

Audit of the IT service management system;
Audit of readiness for IT outsourcing;
Audit of readiness to implement ITSM-system;
After the IT audit you will receive:
  • Expert assessment of the status and performance of the existing IT service management system;
  • Analysis of key IT risks, problems and their causes;
  • A set of recommendations for optimizing the IT service management system from experts;
  • The conclusion is whether IT outsourcing is an acceptable mechanism to improve the effectiveness of the IT management system now and in the future;
  • Comprehensive assessment of opportunities (risks) of outsourcing and applicable IT outsourcing models;
  • Practical recommendations for improving the company’s readiness to implement the model of IT outsourcing;
  • Conclusions on the expediency and the proposal for the phased implementation of the ITSM-system – the recommended implementation plan according to the results of the analysis, in order to maximize the effect of automation of processes;
  • Practical recommendations for improving the readiness to implement the ITSM-system, the system for measuring the effectiveness of the processes of providing IT services.