Graphic design

IT IDOL – a team, as a whole, people aspiring to a common goal. A brand is the total face of your team, recognizable by all market participants and consumers. Corporate identity forms the unchanging features of this person, so you know. Based on earlier developed logo, visual constants – brand colors, fonts, ornaments and other pictorial elements determine your business documents (letterheads, business cards, folders, etc.), gift and branded products, and product packaging, and the interior of the office, and generally everything associated with your company and its business processes

Creating a corporate identity
  • Building the logo of the company forming rules
  • acceptable and unacceptable use
  • Development of corporate fonts and colors of the brand
  • A description of the requirements to the design of business documents,
  • printing products, advertising materials,
  • Executive and Souvenirs
  • Manufacturer brand book
Development powerpoint и flash-presentations
  • Create presentation structure, determining the number and content of slides
  • Development presentation template, its home page, header and footer, fonts, titles and text, captions and thematic substrates
  • Preparation of illustrations
  • The creation of themed infographics
Full range of printing services
  • Professional design of brochures, posters, booklets, calendars, leaflets, educational publications
  • The printing and finishing of printed products
  • Development of promotional materials for events, including design of stands, mobile exhibition stands (roll-up), posters, invitation cards, badges, flyers, stickers, Souvenirs, etc.