Description of processes “to be”

What is the “picture To be a company”?

This model of the company’s work, which appears as a result of modeling the business processes of the enterprise and leads to the achievement of the set goals. For OOO “Your furniture” this goal is to satisfy customers and make a profit (at least!). The To be painting, developed by ELMA employees for the company “Your furniture”, based on the modeling of the company’s business processes, solves all the problems voiced by the management: loss of documents, low level of customer service and lack of control over the execution of the order.

What does “picture To be” give to the company?
Each described process:
clearly distributes responsibility;
allows you to monitor important both production and financial procedures;
close the “black holes” with missing documents;

At this stage, there is a formalization of the procedures that were performed in the company, turning them into business processes.

Even simple work on the simulated business processes of the enterprise To be in the company “Your furniture” will immediately give noticeable positive results.

However, automation of the processes and workflow under consideration will improve the key performance indicators of the company and improve the efficiency of the company as a whole at the expense of:

  • reduce volume or eliminate routine work;
  • increase the speed of solving problems;
  • reduce technical errors;
  • increasing the reliability of the results obtained;
  • the ability to monitor the execution of orders at any time, etc.