Copywriting of texts is not as easy as it may seem to some to be.

Is a labor that requires a lot of time and effort. In addition, You will need excellent knowledge of the Russian language, the ability to generalize and broad erudition.
The term “copywriting” means “writing”. Copywriting is called and operation, and type of text:

copywriting as a work is a process of writing on a given or free subject with zero;
copywriting as the type of text is a unique text material (article, abstract, review, etc.);
copywriter is the person writing (or rewriting again) more unique texts for websites, magazines and other Internet resources;
Features copyright-articles there are several types of copywriting:
  • Information/news articles, or copywriting for the media (articles and publications on request). These texts convey to the reader some news or information;
  • Advertising copywriting (divided into information-advertising and “selling”):
    Information-advertising articles required for filling the site with content, they are interesting to readers and contain veiled advertising.
    Selling text talks about the benefits of products and services. Selling this article not only reveals the essence of the commercial offer, but also encourages to make a purchase, offering a method implementation.
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  • Press releases. This little article, whose main goal is media coverage of an event for the General public or a specific target audience.
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  • Blogging texts. They encourage discussion, usually written in a conversational style and in first person.
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  • SEO-copywriting, or the lyrics to the robots main tool of promotion of sites in the Network. In the text of such articles entered keywords with a certain frequency of occurrence (usually 3-7 %).
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  • Copywriting for store articles (prepared texts of any subject).